Do Not Blame Animals For Ticks

It is a dog’s life. Some people do shriek when the shaggy animal comes traipsing through the kitchen door. And when he shakes his matted and shaggy coat, all hell seems to break loose. Because just look what the cat dragged in. Yes, it is an affliction for the poor feline creature as well. And to think that this creature with its nine lives is renowned the world over for its cleanliness and cleaning habits. The poor dog, on the other hand, well, there is little he can do until such time as the master has decided to draw his bath.

When there is a heavy infestation of ticks, fleas and lice, please, do not go around blaming the poor animals. Do not go blaming dogs and cats when it seems like it is raining cats and dogs in fleas, ticks and other tiny vermin. Blame yourself. Because there is one solid reason why the poor animals are infected in the way that they are. They spend most of their lives under your roof and in the surrounding yard. And it is hardly their fault when your lot is not as clean as it should be. That is your doing.

organic tick control

That is your responsibility. It has to be said that ticks and fleas love a dirty environment. They love your animals too but before they get that far again, you can keep them all out with a little organic tick control and flea control too. It is better to go organic because all those other chemicals just do not have any effect on the pests, you know, the ones with six legs. You should also just leave those critters with eight legs alone, because they’re the good critters and they can help too.