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How does Monday's U.S. Supreme Court ruling effect Oregon?

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The U.S. Supreme Court reversed enforcing stricter abortion laws in Texas on Monday, Oregon s access to abortion continues to be much easier than other states.

Oregon is among the few states in the United States without any restrictions to get an abortion, Mary Nolan, executive director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, said. Women are not limited by age, parental participation, waiting durations, physician or medical facility requirements, gestation limitations or public financing, all typical limitations in other states. Find more info on Smart Drugs .

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90-year-old veteran strolls at Elmira Heights college graduation

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Edward Taylor finally got the opportunity he missed out on when he left of school: stroll at graduation. He didn't leave high school due to bad grades or lethargy, rather he left the Elmira Heights school district to serve in the Navy throughout World War II. He simply never returned to further his education.

However, that life-long imagine strolling across the phase and getting a diploma was satisfied Friday night as the 90-year-old Elmira Heights guy participated and walked in Thomas A. Edison High School beginning. " I'm so pleased," Taylor stated as he became emotional. "I'm overwhelmed."

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Education reform-backed candidates sweep California main elections

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Education reformers spent huge ahead of California’s primary, and preliminary results Wednesday reveal the millions settled with all of the prospects they supported advancing to November’s general election.

Carlos Marquez, California Charter Schools Association Advocates director of political affairs, said he was excited by the main results. There were a lot of races that we bought, we wanted to make certain we invested in quality prospects, Marquez said. We feel really affirmed in the decisions.

LA Unified school board President Steve Zimmer railed Wednesday versus the tactics used by the CCSA Advocates in the fiercely contested 43rd Assembly District race and compared its spending in that race, at least $1.2 million, to special interest spending from oil and tobacco industries, which lobby for deregulation.

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With regard to the level of spending by CCSA Advocates in the race, Marquez said unique interest groups had actually supported Kassakhian early on in the project. Campaign records show spending by the California Association of Realtors supporting Kassakhian in April. Marquez stated the mailers were used to draw a contrast between prospects and to shine a light on Kassakhian’s record as city clerk.


The good folks who joined the charter motion because of a strong conviction about the rights of children ought to really withdraw their subscription from the CCSA because it is no longer an organization that has any digressive relationship to exactly what I understand to be the core of the charter movement, Zimmer stated.